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Story Time! Poems and puppets from I Must Go Down to the Beach Again

Beach Pig relaxes at her favorite place.

No Cheese with Mold Can Stay
(with apologies to Robert Frost-- "Nothing gold can stay")

A cheese's green is mold.
It means the cheese is old.
And if you took a bite--
You might be sick that night.
So look at every slice,
to make sure that it's nice.
If not, throw it away…
No cheese with mold can stay.

We Outgrow Shoes Like Other Things (with apologies to Emily Dickinson)

We outgrow shoes like other things

and put them in a drawer.

'Til one day we cannot believe

what tiny shoes we wore!

(KJS, from "Because I Could Not Stop my Bike", Charlesbridge, 2003)