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Because I Could Not Stop My Bike

Bank Street Books Best Children’s Book of the Year

Cincinnati’s Librarian’s Choice 2003“

School Library Journal, August 2003

In these delightful transformationsof 26 classic poems, Shapiro has taken the rhythms and meters of the originals and made them her own...A great concept with a highly appealing treatment.”                    

I Must Go Down to the Beach Again and Other Poems

​Childhood Education-- Spring 2008          

“Levity abounds in this playful collection of poetry inspired by the works of such classic poets as Byron and Blake. The assonance and alliteration of Poe’s weighty “The Bells” is born again as “The Smells,” with odes to salty seashores and just-mowed grass.... Poetry is meant to be read out loud, and each of these poems calls us to do so with refreshing joy and playfulness.

​School Library Journal - February 1, 2007       

“Shapiro offers parodies of 23 classic British and American poems. In her introductory note, she states that “though parodies are often written to make fun of something, these poems spring from deep respect.” It is clear in reading her selections that the author knows the sources through and through and that she is quite a good poet in her own right... The book is a gold mine for teachers wanting to illustrate command of certain poetic elements, and Shapiro’s endnotes on her choice of poets and poems are most thoughtful.” 

Kirkus Reviews - December 18, 2006   

 “Shapiro follows up Because I Could Not Stop My Bike, and Other Poems (2003), illustrated by Matt Faulkner, with 23 more ingenious takeoffs on works from Emily Dickinson and similar renowned poets. Paying due homage to the originals with citations on the page and endnotes too, she artfully commandeers phrases and rhythms while steering the actual topics in wildly different directions...Read these aloud, either just for fun or to add decidedly different angles to a poetry unit. “