Parody for the Classroom 


Using parodies of poems is an excellent way for educators to introduce students to the varied rhythms and rhyme patterns of poetry. Students can gain confidence in creating their own original works by “transforming” famous poems.

​Classical poetry tends to have “heavy” themes such as death or adult  love, in language too dense and uninteresting for most elementary and middle-school students. On the other hand, children do benefit by (and often enjoy) being exposed to the variety of poetry’s rhyme and rhythm patterns.      

Parodies provide the perfect bridge so that students can appreciate different poetic forms while reading and writing about topics that are fun and meaningful for their age level. Students can develop a personal connection to a famous poet they admire, experimenting with writing in a similar style or using specific poems as direct  inspiration. This exercise, in turn, might provide motivation for them  to learn more about their chosen poet or that time period.

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